Why Have Multiple Pairs of Glasses

Depending on your eyesight needs, you may require more than one pair of glasses. Many people get prescription eyewear to improve their sight. However, you may also need specialty eyewear for activities, such as reading, sports, outdoor fun, and when using digital devices. Multiple pairs of glasses offer practical solutions for various situations because you have to do numerous activities every day. Besides, the glasses can also work as essential fashion accessories.

If you are currently thinking about buying another pair of glasses, here are some reasons why it is better to have more than one pair of glasses.


To Read Better


If you are starting to have trouble reading the small print, your vision is changing. This change is known as presbyopia, and it is an indication that you need an eye check-up and prescription reading glasses. Likewise, you may be a good fit for progressive lenses, especially if you have worn eyewear for shortsightedness before. The benefit of progressive lenses is they help you to see close, far, and anything in between.


To Protect Your Eyes From Damaging UV


Protective sunglasses are your primary line of defense against harmful UV sun rays. Regardless of the location or season, you need to guard your eyes with superior quality sunspecs that block out destructive rays from the sun. The UV rays not only burn your skin but can also hurt your corneas and retinas. This can result in macular degeneration, cataracts, and in severe instances, solar retinopathy.


To Filter Blue Light


If you work on your computer for hours on end, glasses with blue-light protection will help avert eye strain. Consider acquiring a pair of blue-light glasses, and you will notice they have reduced glare, protect your vision and help you see sharper images.


To Keep Safe


If you work with wood, shape the trees in your lawn, do some gardening or trim the grass, a pair of goggles can work to protect your eyes from debris. If you happen to break or lose your glasses, a backup pair will provide immediate help wherever you are and whenever you need it.


To Suit Your Dynamic Lifestyle


If you spend your pastime fishing, hiking, or playing sports, you will want eyewear that suits your adventurous routine. Likewise, gaming glasses will help you see better if you like to spend your evenings playing e-sports or video games. Whatever your favorite pastime is, there is eyewear that can help you stay on the right path for your eye health.


To Stay Fashionable


You can change your eyewear to match your formal outfit or complement your trendy informal look when attending a party. Consequently, if you are fashion-conscious, a second stylish pair of glasses will keep you ahead of the game regardless of the occasion. Consult your eye doctor and ask for guidance about which frames, coatings, and lenses best suit your needs.


To know more about getting more than one pair of eyewear for your visual needs, visit Studio Optix at our office in New York, New York. You can also call (212) 765-4444 to book an appointment today.




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