Top Eyewear Trends for Spring 2022

Glasses have come a long way from being simply vision correction devices. The availability of fashionable frames has made eyewear cool and stylish. Eyewear is now a fashionable accessory. 


Designers are constantly coming up with new styles to make their customers happy. They release frames in different styles, features, colors, and shapes to suit any face and personality. You can find out the top eyewear trends for spring 2022. 


Cat-eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses are high on the list of everyone who wants to look trendy and bold. The frames are the perfect complement to any outfit. They are stylish and unique while offering the fun factor. 


Cat-eye frames come in different styles, from basic to bold. If you want a bold look with fun colors or something more minimal, you can find what you like. Cat-eye frames are what you need to make a statement. 


Round Eyeglasses

Eyewear in perfectly round shapes is ideal for different looks, from casual to business. These glasses are perfect if you want cool, retro, hip, or round frames. For a bolder look, choose large frames. 


For something more understated, you can opt for smaller frames. Round frames work well with different face shapes, and they come in a wide range of colors and materials. Round wooden frames combine retro and hip perfectly. 


Minimalist Wire Frames

For the barely-there look, thin wireframes are the right option. The frames are thin and barely noticeable, and they come in colors that make them blend in with your face. The delicate metal frames are making a comeback, with most brands releasing several designs. 


The glasses are simple and classic, and they work well with different outfits. Unfortunately, wireframes do not work with all prescriptions. They may not be suitable for those with thick lenses. 


Oversized Silhouettes

Most eyeglass wearers are choosing oversized eyeglasses for 2022. The glasses offer a mix of vintage and contemporary. They are ideal for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement. The frames are made from different materials, ranging from transparent acetate to wood. 


Apart from being fashionable, they offer high functionality with their wide range of vision. They are ideal for people with different vision-related issues. 


Tiny Micro Frames 

Micro frames are making a comeback from the 90s. Fashion-conscious glass wearers are choosing tiny glasses that are very stylish. The frames feature elements such as gold detailing to deliver the ultimate style.


Transitional eyewear that changes from regular glasses to sun-protective eyewear is popular. They combine style with function and protection. One good thing about the frames is they can work with different face shapes.


Other eyewear trends to look out for in 2022 include square and rectangle frames, tortoise-shell frames, and retro aviators. Colorful frames are all over, and they will continue to set the stage in 2022. From pale pastels to bold, bright colors, you can get eyewear to suit any outfit and for all occasions. Eyewear with chains that are both functional and stylish is very trendy.


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