Prevent Fogging Glasses From Wearing a Mask

With the pandemic still affecting the world, wearing glasses has become more complicated because of face masks. When the warm air you breathe out touches the cool surface of your glasses, condensation or fogging happens. This can obstruct your vision and compromise your safety. The American Optometric Association recognizes the problem of fogging in eyeglass wearers as they protect themselves with masks. If you need to wear glasses daily, here’s what you should know about how to prevent fogging them while wearing your mask.


Wash and Rinse With Clean Water and Soap


Years of experience have taught healthcare workers that cleaning their glasses with soap and water is effective in warding off fogginess. They recommend shaking the excess water off and air drying your glasses. Do so first before you wipe the lenses with a soft, clean cloth. The soap gives your lenses a thin, protective coating against fogging. Before you try this tip, make sure you ask your eye care provider if it’s safe for your eyeglass lenses. Your glasses might have a special coating that’s sensitive to soap.


Get the Mask With the Right Fit


According to experts, you should get face masks that fit snugly over your nose. If you are wearing glasses, your mask will prevent warm air from blowing upward to your glasses. There are face masks that have a ready-made nose bridge. If your mask doesn’t have one, you can sew twist ties or pipe cleaners into the top part of your masks and mold them over your nose.


Tape Your Mask Down


You can tape the top part of your mask to your nose bridge and cheeks. Use hospital or sports tape, so it stays put all day. Be sure to use the only tape that is designed for the skin. Utility tape can cause skin irritation. If the tape you use has weak adhesive, keep a roll in your pocket all the time. That way, you can re-tape your mask whenever you need to.


Use Your Glasses to Weigh Down Your Mask


If you don’t have tape, pull your mask up higher and place your glasses on the top part. The weight of your glasses can seal the upper part of your mask and shape it to your nose bridge. Be sure to have your glasses adjusted so they stay in place when you move.


Spray Your Lenses

A defogging spray can also help. Divers use this spray a lot on their goggles. If you want to make your own defogging spray, mix soap and water or use shaving cream. When you leave the shaving cream on your lenses for a minute or so, it creates surface tension that repels fog. Wipe the shaving cream off and enjoy fog-free vision.


Using a mask to protect yourself from COVID-19 is crucial as it continues to spread. Wearing it and your glasses at the same time doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. At Studio Optix, we always help our patients wear their glasses properly with their face masks. Please visit our clinic in New York, NY, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 212-765-4444 if you want to schedule an appointment or ask questions about our eyeglass care and defogging products.






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