Picking the Perfect Pair of Glasses

Prescription eyeglasses have always been more than just a means to correct a vision problem. For most, if not all, people, they’re also a means to express one’s sense of style. Are you in the market to get the best eyewear? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the countless options available. Fret not, as there are tricks to picking the perfect pair of glasses that match your needs, personality, and lifestyle, including:


Give Thought to Your Face Shape


Your face’s shape is one of the essential factors to consider when choosing the right pair of eyeglasses. Picking the right frames will help enhance your look. The key is that opposites attract. For example, it’s highly recommended for people with round faces to opt for square or rectangle-shaped frames. These tend to make their face seem slimmer and more prolonged, thus adding balance to their arched features. What if you have a square face? Pick the pair of glasses that sit high on your nose’s bridge and soften the angles. Others with oval, diamond, or heart-shaped faces also have their own eyewear styles. The goal is to contradict the contours of your face and bring symmetry to your prominent features.


Select a Frame Color That Matches Your Skin Tone


Besides your face shape, your skin tone also helps determine which frames will complement your look. It’s even more important than your hair or eye color. Do you have a warm skin tone or a complexion with a bronze, yellow, or golden cast to your skin? If so, it’s best to steer clear of pastels and other contrasting colors. Black or white frames are not flattering either. The best colors for you are brown, honey, golden, beige, olive green, or light tortoise shades. Now, what if you have a cool skin complexion, which is characterized by pink or blue undertones? You’ve got to avoid shades that will wash you out. Instead, reach for a pair that comes in black, silver, gray, blue, pink, purple, mauve, or dark tortoise color.


Consider Your Lifestyle and Personality


If you’re the active type, choose eyeglasses that can bend and twist without breaking. If you like to play video games, various styles can improve the gaming experience. If you’re looking to impress your boss with a sensible fashion, pick those frames that give you a smart, elegant look. Let your personality shine through with your eyewear too. If you’re an extrovert, choosing fun, creative color or pattern will surely make you stand out. On the other hand, if you’re more of the studious or even the no-nonsense type, a subtle gray ombre will be perfect.


Do you need help finding the right pair of eyeglasses for your face shape, skin tone, and personality? Get your prescription updated first with us at Studio Optix in New York, New York. Then we can talk about your options. We offer a wide selection of trendy eyewear as well as a full range of eye care and optometry services.


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