Is Your Contact Lens Prescription the Same as That for Glasses?

If you need vision correction lenses, you can choose between glasses and contacts. To get vision correction lenses, you will need a prescription from an eye doctor. The prescription you get will differ depending on whether you choose glasses or contacts. 

The prescriptions differ because people wear glasses at a distance from the eyes while contacts lie directly on the eye. If you decide to get both glasses and contacts, you will need two prescriptions. 

Glasses and Contact Lens Prescription

Prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses have some similarities in their function. They both help correct refractive errors that affect sight. Refractive errors are vision problems that lead to blurry vision because of the shape of the eye. 

The errors include myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Both glasses and contacts can help correct the errors and restore vision. The two lenses are different in how they work, and their prescriptions are not interchangeable. 

Contact Lens Prescriptions

Your contact lens prescription will include the lens power required to correct the refractive error. The specifications on the prescription will be different from those of your eyeglass prescription. The prescription will also contain additional details that you will not find in the eyeglass prescriptions. 

A comprehensive contact lens examination and lens fitting determine all the necessary details. The additional specifications include:

  • The base curve.

  • Lens diameter. 

  • Lens material or brand.

  • Lens expiration date. 

Can Glasses Prescriptions Be Converted for Contacts?

Many people who want to switch from glasses to contacts ask about the possibility of using the same prescription. They want to know how possible it is to convert their current glasses prescription. The fact is this is not advisable. 

You may have read about fittings on the internet, but these cannot be a substitute for contact lens exams. An eye doctor must conduct the contact lens fitting to determine the lens material, base curve, and diameter. 

Are Contact Lens Prescriptions for Everyone?

It is vital to know that not everyone who wears glasses can comfortably switch to contacts. This means that contact lens prescriptions are not for everyone. People with dry eye syndrome, sensitive corneas, and blepharitis cannot wear contacts effectively. 

It is vital to consult your eye doctor before deciding to make the switch. If you want to wear contacts, talk to an eye specialist about special custom contacts.

Updating Your Prescriptions

It is necessary to have your eyes examined regularly to update your prescription and check your eye health. Annual eye exams will help determine whether your vision has changed. 

The exams will also help detect signs of eye issues such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. If you notice any changes in your vision, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor immediately. 

If you want to get contacts, your first step is visiting an eye doctor for fitting. You will need to get the correct lens prescription before you get contacts. If you have a valid prescription for glasses or contact lenses, you can order new ones online. 

To know if your contact lens prescription is the same as glasses, visit Studio Optix in New York, New York. You can call (212) 765-4444 today to schedule an appointment.




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