How Long Are Glasses Prescriptions Good For?

Your doctor can give you prescription eyeglasses if you need corrective lenses for your vision problems. The prescription cannot last a lifetime as it will be for a limited period before it expires.

The expiration date means the last day that optical labs and shops can use their prescription legally. It does not mean their physical expiration date. It indicates your eyes are likely to change by the set time.


Why You Need New Glasses

Vision changes when you become older. Thinking the first prescription glasses you have will set you for life can misguide you into having further eye problems. Wearing glasses with a slightly wrong prescription can cause eyestrain with time. 


How to Know You Need New Glasses

Many signs can show you need a change of glasses. You are likely to have headaches around your eyes as you suffer from eyestrain. You may also have difficulties focusing. Experiencing this is a significant sign that you need new glasses.


Squinting can also occur due to headaches. If you already have eyeglasses and must squint to see an object clearly, you should know you need a new prescription. It is essential to avoid your urge to squint as it can lead to more eyestrain.


Another symptom that indicates you need a new prescription is experiencing blurry vision. It can gradually occur in a way that may not seem severe until you need to squint to see certain things like road signs.


Even if you do not experience any signs mentioned above, it is ideal to see your eye doctor for an examination once every year. Doing so can help them assess your vision and check for conditions such as lupus, glaucoma, or diabetes. They can also check whether you have some form of cancer.


Other than vision problems, there are many reasons why you may need a new pair of eyeglasses. You may have worn notepads, bent frames, scratched lenses, and other wear and tear problems. Hence, it is ideal to start planning to get a new pair of prescription eyeglasses.


How Long Do Eye Glass Prescriptions Last?

Eyeglass prescriptions can last for one to two years. However, the expiration time depends on the local rules of a place. Ideally, check with the legislation of where you live. You should check the expiration date for your prescription to start planning for your next pair.


What to Do

Take note of the expiration date for your current eyeglasses so you can visit your eye doctor to get a new prescription. You will need a comprehensive eye exam. Your ophthalmologist or optometrist can perform tests to gauge the quality of your vision and your eye health. Your eye doctor should give you the correct prescription.


Can You Use Your Prescription Anywhere?

It is ideal to see your eye doctor and have an eye exam to check for eye problems. If they give you an up-to-date prescription, you can order your eyeglasses anywhere.


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