Eyewear Trends in 2021

Wearing glasses gives you the chance to express your style and personality, but nobody wants to make a fashion faux-pas when it comes to knowing what’s hot and what’s not. And with so much time spent at home over the last year, it’s little wonder that many people are feeling out of the loop with their eyewear.


We’ve got the lowdown on the latest and greatest eyewear trends of 2021 that will help you make sure you are fashion-forward when it comes to choosing your eye accessories this year.


Oversized Frames

Go big or go home this year. Oversized frames are massive – literally. Some people thank Covid-19 for this trend, size larger frames and lenses could protect our eyes more effectively from any virus particles that may be in the air. But it’s safe to say that big frames are also fashionable in their own right, helping the wearer to make a statement with their choice of eyewear. Whether you opt for classic shades of black and brown or select a brighter, bolder color, retro big glasses are well and truly back in fashion.


Perfectly Round

Round glasses have been considered on-trend for a few years now, with many people choosing to channel their inner Harry Potter. However, this year we can expect designers to move away from the thicker, darker frames made popular by the wizard, with fashionistas now preferring the metal-rimmed styles that were particularly popular in the 80s and early 90s. Metallic colors work well with most skin and hair tones and look good whether you are dressed up or down, making them extremely versatile.


Make a Splash

Colored frames are a great way to stand out from the crowd and there’s going to be a complete rainbow of options available in 2021. If you aren’t afraid to be daring, choose neon greens, bright reds, and electric blues and make your face and frames a real talking point. If you are a little more introverted, you can still enjoy colored frames, but instead choose those on a muted, pastel palette. Not sure which colors work best for you? Your eyewear provider should be happy to make a recommendation.


Nicely Natural

Wooden glasses have a very earthy, vintage appeal that makes them a guaranteed hit this year. You could be mistaken for thinking that they are only available in shades of black or brown, but we’ve also found some alternatives in mauves, greens, and oranges too, giving you the chance to embrace the colors that suit you best. Another big benefit of wooden frames is their strength and durability, which could make them the perfect investment in your long-term vision.


Blue Light Lenses

Taking care of your eyes is also on-trend, and one of the best ways of doing this is by wearing blue light lenses. Covid-19 has led to us spending more time using screens than ever before, and this means we’ve been much more exposed to the blue light emitted by our digital devices. Too much blue light can cause eye strain, headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision, and more. Fortunately, blue light lenses filter out the excess light so that these effects are minimized. Get yourself a pair of blue-light blocking glasses and reap the health benefits in 2021.


For more information about the top eyewear trends of 2021, please speak to our dedicated eye care specialists. Call Studio Optix located in New York, New York at 212-765-4444.





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