Best Frames for Each Face Shape

Optica, the former Optical Society of America, recommends getting the right frame for your face shape. Eyewear is often a neglected part of one’s appearance. In truth, spectacles can impact the way everyone sees you. They also influence how you see yourself. Selecting the right frame can enhance your appearance and your confidence. Here are some of the best frames to consider for each face shape. 


For the Square Face Shape


A square-shaped face has distinct angles. The jawline is prominent. The forehead is wider than the other face shapes. People with this face shape have a hard appearance. Here are the frames that are suitable for this face shape:

  • Eyewear frames must be circular or curved. They must also be thinner so that they do not draw attention to your jawline or forehead

  • Mirrored cat’s eye frames have curves that go against the strong angles of your face. Choose one that has a thick upper half. This can flatter your facial features


For the Round Face Shape


Clear frames can reveal your attractive oval face features. They let other people see you without any distractions. Thick cat’s eye frames can give you strong angles, bringing an edge to your appearance. These frames are also wider, going upward, keeping them off your cheeks. 


For the Heart Face Shape


People with heart-shaped faces have tapering, sharp jawlines and high cheekbones. They have wider foreheads and longer chins. The eyewear frames must be a little wider than your forehead. An example would be a rectangular or cat’s eye frame. This frame lifts up your face. Bottom-heavy frames can also balance out your narrow chin structure. 


For the Oval Face Shape


Experts say that people with oval faces can get any type of frame. That is because almost all oval faces have good proportions and symmetry. For this type of face shape, aviator-style or round-shaped frames are suitable. Make sure that they are wider than the broadest area of your face. These frames will pull all your best features forward. 

Choose medium-sized, green optical frames that can give you a playful appearance. They can highlight the eyes and brows, making you more attractive. Many optical experts recommend medium-sized frames for this face shape. These frames balance out your facial proportions. 


For the Diamond Face Shape


You have prominent cheekbones if you have a diamond face shape. The jawline and forehead are smaller. Your cheeks tend to get most of the attention. Because of this, you must stay away from narrow frames. The other types of frames can suit your needs.


For Any Face Shape


Many people are not aware of their face shape. If you are one of them, you need a frame with a tortoiseshell color. It goes well with most hair and skin colors. Choose a frame that slightly curves. This will flatter most face shapes.

You can also consider oversized yellow frames. These frames will complement every hair and skin color. They will not compete with your makeup as well. These are fun frames that will not overwhelm your facial features. 

Wearing the right frame for your face shape can make vision correction more flattering. At Studio Optix, we help our patients see, feel, and look great. Feel free to visit our facility in New York, New York, for an in-person consultation. Please call 212-765-4444 to set an appointment or ask about our available frames.




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