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What Causes Eyestrain?

Eyestrain is a serious but uncomfortable condition. It is quite common and becoming more frequent with the digital age. Everyone experiences eyestrain differently, but it goes away once you give your eyes a chance to rest.

Choosing Between Glasses and Contact Lenses

Often, patients wonder what to pick between eyeglasses and contact lenses. Most times, you can end up choosing one or picking both to alternate according to your preference. Your vision plan can give you options.

How Diabetes Affects the Eyes

People with diabetes need to get regular eye exams to identify and/or prevent diabetes-related eye problems. If you are a diabetic, you need to know that this condition is one of the main causes of vision loss in people aged between 20 and 74 years.

Are Cataracts Preventable?

A cataract is an eye condition that results in the clouding of the eye’s clear lens. Studies show that cataracts are the biggest reason for blindness in the United States of America. They are a normal occurrence as one grows old. Many people you know will develop cataracts at some point in their lives. But when cataracts develop, it is dependent on your family history, lifestyle, and age.

Common Eye Care Emergencies

Just like any other part of the body, the eyes are prone to injuries and diseases as well. Unfortunately, most people do not take their eye care seriously. Some eye conditions can lead to permanent and serious consequences if not dealt with immediately. You need to recognize the symptoms of an eye emergency to get prompt treatment if you are to retain your eyesight.

Which Contact Lens Brand Is Right for You?

Are you considering making the switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses? If you are, it can be difficult to choose the right contact lenses for you. Modern contact lenses are quite versatile and offer some exciting options. You can show off a pair of green eyes one day and then flash baby blues the next day.

What Is Optomap and Why Is It Important?

Any eye examination should include a careful assessment of the retina in order to screen for diseases and abnormalities. The retinal tissue is very sensitive and is susceptible to diseases that can lead to partial or even total loss of vision.

Candidates for Scleral Lenses

These are custom-designed lenses that help patients who have corneal irregularities. The lenses allow patients to enjoy improvements in comfort and visual acuity. The lenses fit above the cornea and do not place pressure on them. 

Eyewear Trends in 2021

Wearing glasses gives you the chance to express your style and personality, but nobody wants to make a fashion faux-pas when it comes to knowing what’s hot and what’s not. And with so much time spent at home over the last year, it’s little wonder that many people are feeling out of the loop with their eyewear.

Why Have Multiple Pairs of Glasses

Depending on your eyesight needs, you may require more than one pair of glasses. Many people get prescription eyewear to improve their sight. However, you may also need specialty eyewear for activities, such as reading, sports, outdoor fun, and when using digital devices. Multiple pairs of glasses offer practical solutions for various situations because you have to do numerous activities every day. Besides, the glasses can also work as essential fashion accessories.

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