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Types of Specialty Contact Lenses

If you can’t see clearly without wearing prescription lenses, you might be thinking about wearing contact lenses, which eliminate many of the limitations experienced by wearing glasses. However, standard contact lenses aren’t right for everyone, and if you have a corneal abnormality or eye condition, you could be forgiven for thinking that you can’t wear contact lenses at all. Fortunately, a whole range of different contacts has been developed specifically for people who aren’t suitable candidates for conventional lenses.

Prevent Fogging Glasses From Wearing a Mask

With the pandemic still affecting the world, wearing glasses has become more complicated because of face masks. When the warm air you breathe out touches the cool surface of your glasses, condensation or fogging happens. This can obstruct your vision and compromise your safety. The American Optometric Association recognizes the problem of fogging in eyeglass wearers as they protect themselves with masks. If you need to wear glasses daily, here’s what you should know about how to prevent fogging them while wearing your mask.

Digital Screen Protection: Blue Light Lenses

Many of us are also relying much more heavily on our digital devices to stay in touch with our family and friends at this unprecedented time, where we can’t necessarily meet with them in person. Unfortunately, this increased use of technology could be starting to put a strain on our eyes. The reason for this is because our digital devices are a source of blue light.

Francis Klein VIRTUAL Trunk Show!

Every March, Studio Optix hosts a much-anticipated Trunk Show event with Francis Klein Paris. Its timing coincides with Betty and Dixie Klein visiting NYC for Vision Expo East, one of our industry’s major trade show events of the year.

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